What can I do to keep snakes out of my garden?

Fort Worth snake

Keeping Snakes Out of the Garden
When a snake gets into your garden, it can become a pain for you. It can cause trouble, put you at risk, and leave you unable to go near your garden. It is trouble for you – and you have to find a way to deal with it right away. Part of dealing with this is knowing how to keep the snakes out. Exclusion is one of the most powerful ways to keep any pest out of your property, and it works well when used properly. Managing your property and making inhabitable for snakes will force them out, or keep them away entirely. It is an effective and trusted method of removing and keeping away snakes.

Property Maintenance
Tall grass and various objects around the property will attract the snakes. They see it as a place to hide. Snakes want a place to hide so that they can rest, go hunt, stay away from predators, and be closer to their food. That food, of course, is generally going to be rodents. In high grass, you are oftentimes going to find mice and rats, and other types of small critters. For snakes, that is a buffet. When the grass is high, you attract all of them. The small critters like to find food and shelter in these areas, and the snakes will follow. Even if there are no rodents around, the snakes are likely going to enter anyway. Tall grass, and a generally unkempt yard, offers great shelter for them. They want to stay safe, and that gives them the opportunity.

Fenced in Areas
Around the property and around the garden, consider building a fence. There are fences that work for snakes, both to keep them out and to trap them. They are worth the time, money, and energy to purchase and set up. They can help you to keep your property snake-free with relative ease. So long as you maintain them and check for snakes semi-regularly, you should not have any worries. Most fences specifically designed for snakes will have a size minimum and maximum, but they can work nonetheless.

Traps work wonders, too. Laying down traps is an easy way to catch any snakes that may wander into your property. With some traps being small and easy to hide, you do not have to worry about them being eyesores, either. Snakes can be a pain, but removing them and keeping them out is possible. With a few changes around your yard, you can keep it snake-free in no time.

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